Autographs Bar

Cozy, friendly bar in the heart of Frankfurt. Beer, wine, sparkling wine or whiskey, the exhibition of impressive autographs, exchange with each other and enjoy the stimulating atmosphere.

An autograph is the handwritten inscription of an artist, composer, author, poet, or other well-known personality from art, politics, science, literature and history. An autograph is then considered to be particularly interesting if, in addition to the handwriting of the person, it also bears its signature. The sole signature, which is not under a heading, is called an autograph. There are also copies of the autographs.

The term comes from the Greek and derives from autógraphos (αὐτόγραφος). This word can be translated as either by hand or by hand. An autograph is thus a document which has been written by a person independently – but the term primarily means the handwriting of well-known personalities.